PAAQT USPAP Course and Comments 

9/14/18 I enjoyed hearing Bill’s perspective from a Household Contents point of view. I also liked that he was willing to express his doubts on some of the contents, and then reason his way to the USPAP perspective. N.S,

7/2/18 The course was great. Bill really knows his USPAP and I enjoyed the interactions. I look forward to taking another class with Bill. MG

6/23/18 Bill and Dave, you are the best team. It was great hearing you're intelligent words teaching us all the changes in USPAP, Greatly appreciated, Thanks K.A.

7/2/17 I wanted to thank you again for the meaningful presentation of USPAP. Thanks, Lesley

4/22/17 The 7 hour USPAP was very good and enabled me to satisfy my credentials without the time and expense of going on site. RY

3/25/17 It was funny & instructive to hear you & Dave role play some of the sample illustrations. DW

3/25/17 The course was GREAT. When  I took the 15 hour the course was designed for real property appraisers.  During this 7 hour course, I felt like others were there, including the professor,.......who understood that many of us appraise antiques and jewelry! Stuart

2/18/17 Thanks Bill, that was a great 7 hour USPAP update. I appreciated that you stayed on task, and that all the points that ACA advertised were delivered. Many difficult USPAP concepts were clarified by you., This was the 4th USPAP class I have taken with you as instructor, You are precise and knowledgeable.  JJJ

 2/18/17 Hope you survived the storm in CA OK? I enjoyed the class. AD

2/18/17 I wish to thank you for instructing us through the 2016-17 USPAP Update. I appreciate all you and Dave do. Terrific class and even more terrific instruction.  PB

1/30/17 The new live webinar 7 Hour USPAP Update course was good. Its nice to have the refresher information and it gets me back into why we use USPAP. The course lecture and participation lets me understand it better with my other appraisers. This is a good way to keep current. JG

1/21/16  I found the course very informative and a great way to refresh the key factors of USPAP while getting a better understanding of the important changes made over the last two years. LB

1/1/16 I want to let you know that I found the case studies really interesting and helpful as they clarified appraisal problems I've come across. It can be hard to stay focused on a day's worth of USPAP material, but with the real world examples and useful information provided in your update course I was able to finish in one day without much trouble. AM
11/27/15 Thanks again for putting the Update information/course together. I really learned a lot and feel I am more knowledgeable than before I started the update!! ES

9/29/15 I learned new things and reaffirmed others that I must keep reminding myself about each time I do an appraisal. Thank you and Dave for your diligent work in keeping appraisers up to speed on these important points to appraising. SS

8/9/15 The 2014-2014 Update is a terrific class. I'm very familiar with USPAP but the practical applications and case studies really do put the more confusing elements in perspective. Thanks for a meaningful product that goes beyond understanding recent revisions. CR

8/5/15 I just completed the review course.  It was nicely paced, the review sections were very helpful. I plan to review selected sections of Parts 4 and 5. They covered some thought provoking situations regarding oral appraisals and developing thought process before testifying in court. AD

6/17/15 I enjoyed your course and feel I learned several things I was not aware.  I also feel the information for the changes to USPAP were more than adequately covered and I have no doubts as to their applications.  Thanks for offering such a great course that reinforced my previous knowledge as well as adding to it. BH

5/5/15 Over the past week I have been working my way through the course and I am really enjoying it. I find the case studies particularly helpful. The information is presented in a clear and thoughtful manner. MB

4/29/15 The course was absolutely wonderful for ease-of-use, clarity, and the wealth of information is impressive. MB
3/10/15  Good course. Really like the examples. JJJ

12/31/14  I have just completed my Online USPAP update course. I found it easy to follow and informative. I liked it better than the classroom course I took. SW

12/19/14  I thought the USPAP Online Update  Course was terrific and particularly appreciated the examples…. Thanks so much for a terrific way to experience USPAP! AM

12/11/14 I found the USPAP Update to be informative and a great reminder of how to approach an appraisal assignment. PL

11/2/14 I am finding the course interesting, as well as insightful – 11/19/14. JL

10/3/14 I must say that you pack an awful lot more information into the time span than the “sit-and- watch and very occasionally talk” on-line offerings. I very much liked the case study method, as it brings home the reality of what the generally abstract-sounding USPAP terms really mean in day-to-day work. BP

9/8/14 I have completed the update course. As always it was very informative, and I appreciate the format via case studies to bring the information into more of real life scenarios.  LG

9/5/14 Good course and I liked how it reminded (me) of the things we must do to stay within the USPAP guidelines. JH

8/24/14 I have learned a lot and gained a new understanding of many USPAP issues. Thanks so much for all your assistance along the way. DC

8/1/14 I enjoyed reading the scenarios and case studies; some of them really put me on the fence to think. TH

7/31/14 Your course is excellent and the 2014 update was very helpful. WM

7/17/14 Great course! I learned a lot. Thanks! R.J.F

6/22/14 I found this to be an easy way to satisfy the USPAP Update requirement and learn new things at the same time. The expert witness section stumped me a few times, but I learned a lot from the discussion.  Other sections re-affirmed that my approach to appraising was on the right track. Technically, the flow of the lessons was excellent. Thanks to you and Dave for a massive amount of dedicated work for appraisers. S.A.

6/13/14 Thank you and David for providing this easy access, helpful USPAP update.  Real world examples really helped me apply the concepts. C.D.

6/11/14 Thank you for writing an online course. This has been very helpful. B.C.

5/29/14 I want to thank you and your partner for devising such an easy to take, read, and understand course. I cannot tell you what a life saver it was to me and you have both been timely and kind to boot. Much thanks J.B.

4/8/14 As I have never done an online course, I was sceptical.  But this was very informative and easy to navigate. I appreciate the fact that the main focus was on personal property...  I am very impressed with your courses and plan on enrolling in additional online courses. C.M.

3/16/14 I found the USPAP Update course to be a very good, well written course and liked that you had broken it down into small segments that were not overwhelming. Taking it will result in my revising my contracts and reports. M.L.

1/21/14 Thanks for making USPAP interesting. K.R.

1/14/14 I found USPAP Update  quite interesting and was pleasantly surprised. I thought the course would be very dry and boring but you managed to make it interesting and thought provoking. The real life examples really help to bring it home and see how it applies to the real world of appraisal practice.  Many thanks, B.M.

12/20/13 I completed the course and thought it was well put together and easily understood. JH

12/14/13 The presentation was succinct, and I particularly appreciated the focused perspective on Personal Property vs. Real Property Appraisal. SA

11/20/13 If I must be honest, I was very much dreading this course but the case study made it considerably more interesting and illuminated its relevance in the 'real world.' The plain language helped with comprehension and I found opportunity to use the lessons to fine-tune my appraisals. Thank you! SM

11/2/13 What a GREAT COURSE ! Thank you so very much! I last took a course from you at the Marriott  Hotel, but I think that this method crammed more information into my head!

9/1/13 I found the course to be quite easy to navigate and useful for two reasons: 
1. When I took the original course it was rushed and "taught to the  test." A conceptual understanding of USPAP was not the objective. Your course was better in that regard. The use of real world scenarios were a big help.
2. The changes made in USPAP actually make a great deal of sense and help to clarify areas of confusion. So that was a good thing as well. Thank you for putting this all together. MR

8/29/13  Thank you very much for developing these courses and offering them online. I found the content, format and questions all to be excellent. BA

6/19/13  I thought the review course was very good. I especially liked the case study at the end where you went through all of the appraisal steps.  This was very helpful. You have a great way of explaining. CE

5/22/13 Great review of USPAP - Introduction of USPAP Changes - Great review of Appraisal Process AD

4/24/13 I found the USPAP update course very informative and have identified some issues in my own work that will immediately benefit from the information provided. Thank you for providing such a well-thought-out product. LD

3/4/13 This USPAP Update  course was very useful. I really liked the real case scenarios which helped me realize that I am not the only one confronting such predicaments! Thanks, SH

2/7/13 I found the course to be an excellent update of the new changes as well as an excellent refresher for the proper steps in appraisal assignment development. This course has made this update easy to comprehend and to apply.

12/15/12 The USPAP update on-line course was fabulous!  Many thanks for preparing such a well organized and informative on line course! ES

Margaret Olsen, ASA, Senior Member and highly recognized appraisal educator and author spoke very highly of the ACA 2012-2013 Online USPAP Update Course which she finished reviewing carefully in October of 2012. She later emailed this comment:
I have completed the ACA's 2012-2013 Online USPAP Update Course in its entirety. Thank you for writing this online Personal Property course and making it available to me and all the other appraisers and appraisal students. You've done an excellent job.Margaret Olsen
11/12/12 I greatly appreciate all of the case study information and reiteration of the USPAP updates and real world examples in the various locations throughout the course. It was very helpful and enjoyable reading. LG

11/5/12: I finished the course ! Thank you very much. It was clear that you and your partner put a lot of work into developing it. It was a nice refresher and really covered the new material well. 

I liked that the online USPAP Update version was done at my time and I was not worried about being late for class. No travel, no lodging meant good value to me. I did learn some things that I did not know and I will be able to "tighten up" a few areas. Thank you for providing this option. LB

I enjoyed the 2012-2013 USPAP UPDATE.  USPAP has become a real reference book with underlining, highlighting and tabs. I will get a lot of use out of it of it now. Thank you for what you have created for us personal property appraisers. JW

Thank you again for such an interesting, on-line course! The course was easy to follow, and I especially appreciated the fact that it was online, since travel is a bit challenging for me these day. Fran Elliott
Straightforward, understandable course and very comprehensive. Ed Morris

Informative and useful. I made notes of key elements which will be henceforth included in my work.  L.D.
Wow, what a great course. It helped so much; I especially liked the case studies. You provide an invaluable service to appraisers. S.H.
I found your 2010-2011 USPAP Update Course fascinating and challenging; it cleared up some misconceptions I had...Thank you for an excellent review and an illuminating and concise explanation of the recent changes to USPAP. D.D.
It was unnerving how much I learned compared to past USPAP courses. I learned a lot and found out how much I've forgotten. Now I'll consult the USPAP manual regularly. I liked the fact that I could take the course as time permitted, that I could navigate the course as I needed to and the content was presented well. Gwen Yeaman, Native Appraisal
I really enjoyed the course. In particular the question and answer sessions were a great way to gauge what I know and where I need to focus more attention. The explanations for each answer were really educational (even when I got the answer right). I think you put a very comprehensive course together. The case study at the end was a great real life example. MAS 
Thank you for the excellent presentation and instructional material. RR

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Novotny taught the 15 Hour USPAP course onsite in Lincoln NE in August of 2011 at the request of the Professional Association of Appraisers - Quilted Textiles (PAAQT). Some of the 38 attending quilt appraisers offered their comments directly to Novotny or to Appraisal Course Associates (the course provider) upon completion.

Great Job! Bill was exceptionally well-prepared. Overall he had strong knowledge of this subject matter which was reassuring. His treatment of the details, with candor and experience, helped clarify USPAP concepts. He kept us on schedule and on target. He was very gracious and considerate. I will recommend ACA and its USPAP programs for appraisers at all skill levels. With much appreciations for your efforts. NH (President, (PAAQT)

Thanks again for your service! Be assured that the USPAP information has been put to good use many times since that class! NH (President, hank you for coming to Lincoln to teach the USPAP class Bill, and for making it entertaining. Your efforts are appreciated. SB (Quilt Appraiser)

Other Appraiser's Comments to ACA produced 7 Hour USPAP Update Courses

In 2002 Novotny became the first personal property appraiser to become a National AQB Certified USPAP instructor by the Appraiser Qualification Board (AQB) of The Appraisal Foundation (#10138). He has retained this USPAP certification ever since.  He is currently certified until April 2022. 

Only an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor, such as Novotny, is authorized to teach a National USPAP Course such as the 15 Hour USPAP or the 7 Hour USPAP Update for personal property appraisers. Subsequently he taught the 15 hour introductory course throughout the USA for ISA, ASA, ANA, ACA, CFA and PAAQT. He no longer teaches the two day i15 hour introduction to USPAP

​Congressionally mandated, minimum appraisal standards apply to personal property appraisers.The minimum standards are updated bi-annualy.

Since 2016-2017 only online, live 7 Hour USPAP Update webinar courses are regularly scheduled by Appraisal Course Associates (ACA).  

ACA online 7 Hour USPAP Update Course two-day webinars are scheduled for July 20/31 & September 18/19, 2020 -  Register Now!


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What is USPAP?​

Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice



College For Appraiser Courses Offered or in Development

Appraisal Theory, Methods and Report Writing

This CFA three-day or four day extensive course is fully integrated with USPAP. This  introductory appraisal course covered over 600 pages of David Maloney's award winning text book that covers in depth all aspects of appraisal theory, methods, practice and report writing along with an extensive appendix loaded with worksheets, appraisal report templates, and other useful forms and uses. 

Novotny first taught appraisal theory, methods and report writing courses for the College For Appraisers (CFA) on October 14, 2011. The College For Appraisers  presented the Appraisal Theory, Methods, Practice and Report Writing Course on January 31, 2014 at the Ayer Hotel in Seal Beach and on November 21-23 at the Hampton Inn in Costa Mesa. The next scheduled Appraisal Theory, Methods, Practice and Report Writing Course will be scheduled in 2016. Interested students should contact the College For Appraisers now at 714-952-2727 so that the College can notify them of the next class offering.

In the late 1980's The Appraisal Foundation (TAF) was established and authorized by Congress to be the source of appraisal standards and qualifications to protect the public. At that time the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) were established by the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) under The Appraisal Foundation. USPAP is widely recognized by regulators, government agencies, the courts, the insurance and banking industry, appraisers and typical users of appraisal services as the minimum standard for appraisals.

7 Hour USPAP Update Courses covers the changes to USPAP and the rationale for the changes and are for experienced appraisers and focus on common personal property appraisal problems that are commonly encountered and misunderstood by personal property appraisers. The course focuses on USPAP changes needed to provide clarity to support enforcement and public trust in appraisers. 

 ACA is a leading developer of USPAP-centered personal property appraisal courses and a TAF approved USPAP course provider for personal property appraisers. 

Quilt Appraisers Comments to ACA following a 15 Hour USPAP Course

"A USPAP Update course... concentrates on the most recent changes to USPAP, common problem areas, and application of USPAP to real world situations. This course is appropriate for practicing appraisers who already have a baseline understanding of USPAP, but need to be apprised of recent developments and updates affecting their appraisal practice. The 15-hour National USPAP Course is geared to the beginning appraiser who has a limited understanding of USPAP. The coverage and treatment of changes or emerging issues is not the focus of the 15-hour course; thus it does not meet the educational objectives of the 7-Hour course." (AQB Q&A June 2010)

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